hey, i'm maria!

I am fine art photographer based out of the NY Tri-State Area. I received my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from Purchase College in 2016 with a minor in art history.

When I’m not photographing, I am going on walks with my rescue pup Nami, hoarding art books or planning out my next adventure (Finally booked my trip to Japan in Sept 2019).

My Photographic Philosophy:

Cosmos, episode 4: A sky full of ghosts, explores how light, time and gravity affect our perception of the universe. Aspects such as "looking at the moon is looking one second into the past", "horizons are illusions", and explains how photography is a form of time travel. I watched this episode about 5 years ago and it has forever altered how I photograph, view photographs, and became the basis of my philosophy. Imagine, a portrait is actually a human preserved by light, who is staring at us from across the centuries. Still blows my mind!

But that is exactly what photography does. It preserves the most precious and proudest moments of your life and allows you to pass them on for centuries to come. My wishes for you are to laugh, dance, and enjoy every milestone to the fullest, so when you look at the photographs we’ve captured, you travel through time and relive those memories.